Opinions Please!


1. Waktu² sengkek macam ni la jumpa benda² best untuk dibeli. Tapi buat masa ni, berangan je la yang aku mampu. Aku rasa macam kekurangan t-shirt sekarang  dan orang pun perasan aku asyik cycle baju sama je. ngahaha. Sorry lah. Aku bukan kaki shopping dan aku juga bukanlah orang berada. Orang perempuan lain cerita ar. Senang² je boleh dapat baju 3 for 10 dollar. Baju laki? in your dream lah nak jumpa!

2. So, aku rasa macam tertarik nak beli baju ni. The problem is, ada 3 colour and semua macam cun. Jadi, kalau² lah ada orang baca post ni, mintak opinion korang boleh? Ponin dah pale den nak pilih ni.

3. Contract phone aku dengan 3 pun dah nak expire next month. Aku bercadang nak upgrade ke 49 cap since aku guna 29 cap sekarang. Walaupun 29 tu pun jarang² je habis pakai, tapi aku berazam nak jadi anak yang baik tahun ni, nak lagi selalu gayut dengan mak abah. Moga² dengan penukaran cap ni tercapai la azam tersebut.

4. Usha punye usha, ada 2 phone je yg aku rasa paling compelling dalam list phone yg available untuk 49 cap. iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97. I've been a fan of these two phones since diorang baru keluar lagi. Kalau nak compare dari aspect style and good user experience, i think iPhone win in that respect. Tapi N97 pun ada certain elements that wins over the iPhone. Tak nak cerita panjang kat sini because there are already countless reviews and comparisons made out there. 

5. Aku pun dah ada iPod Touch, so practically i already have what iPhone has to offer except, of course making calls, texting and 3G. Oleh yang demikian, aku pun decide untuk ambik N97 ni. Cuma nak tanya kawan² yang ada phone ni (once again, kalau² la ade org baca post ni), your experience with this phone.

6. Some random stuff. Suke suki je benda alah ni tukar geografi Malaysia


p/s : woken up by an angle-like, gentle voice this morning. Mimpi agaknye tu


Melbourne Food Hunting


1. You may laugh all you want, but i went all the way to Melbourne just to find some authentic Malaysian (not so authentic actually). Departed on last Monday and just got back today. I didn't get to cover all the halal restaurant there, but it doesn't matter much. There is always a next time (granted that i have the money). Some pics below

 Monday morning with Mango Cheesecake + Cappucino at Michel's

 Ikan Bakar at Blok M (Azam, bile ko nak buat lauk ikan weh??)

 Nasi Lemak with Seafood Sauce

Nasi Briyani with Lamb curry, Chicken Vindaloo and Pumpkin at Zam Zam

Roti Canai at Zam Zam as well

Mango malt drink (imported from Germany)

Durian + Lychee Ice cream at Il Dolce Freddo

KFC Ultimate Burger Meal

2. Concluded the tour with a dozen Krispy Creme doughnuts (ala-ala Dunkin Donuts Malaysia) but i forgot to take the picture of it. It was fun and well worth the money. Now i'm thinking of going to Sydney or Perth next for the same purpose, and again, if i got the money.

p/s : berat before pergi Melbourne = 68 kg, berat lepas balik Melbourne = 65 kg. hmmm....


The Adventure of The Two Tambi


1. It was on last Friday night, while i was sitting in the middle of my bedroom patiently sorting all the catalogs that have to be distributed this weekend. Suddenly my phone rang and Din's name appeared on it [kenape la bukan Jamilah ke, Fatimah ke..seronok sikit nak jawab]
The phone conversation was as follows :

     Din : Halo mat, ape ko buat malam ni?
     Aku : Aku tengah susun² catalog. Awat?
     Din : Owh, malam ni ape ko buat?  
            [dasar tambi punye budak..dah cakap susun catalog 
             tadi kan] 
     Aku : Huh? Aku tengah susun catalog nih
     Din : Bukan, tengah² malam sikit
     Aku : Oooh..hang ni cakap kasi terang la sikit. Jangan la 
             macam tambi. muahahah. Malam ni eh? Lepas aku
             settle susun catalog ni, takde mende dah kot. Awat?
     Din : Aku ingat nak melepak ar. Jalan² cari angin malam sikit.
             Pusing² city. Amacam?
     Aku : Hmm..Orait gak. Aku pun macam dah lemas ngadap 
             catalog ni manjang. Pukul berape nak gerak ni?
     Din : Dalam pukul 11 camtu ke? Ok?
     Aku : Set. Aku nak gerak nnt aku bagitau. Assalamualaikum
     Din : Waalaikumsalam

So, that's how it began. After i'm done with my catalogs sorting, i went to Din's house to pick him up [kacau² Munir sikit] and we set off for our journey that night.

2. We hit Hungry Jack's first to prepare ourselves for the long night to come [makan itu penting..energy itu penting]. Surprisingly, it was quite empty for a Friday night, unlike what we had previously seen. Perhaps it is summer now, and people are out of Adelaide for holiday or something. As usual, a Whopper and a Hot Choc [i seriously need to reduce my caffeine intake]

After spending like, one good hour there watching drunk people antics and their "weird" dressing, we decided to stroll along the Rundle Mall and along the way, i found this poster that made me wonder why it's still being put up, on a clothes shop nonetheless

This was broadcasted back in 1983. Heck, i wasn't even born yet

3. Normally, there are no Malay students like us willingly going out this late on a Friday night, since you're very likely to encounter problems, particularly because you're Asian. Some random drunk dudes come and spewing some random rants at you and watching a group of black girls shouting at the whites [kalau usha diorang ni bergaduh lama², nanti kau pun tak pasal² terlibat] are some of the troubles you might want to avoid.

4. And that was our objective that night, to get a first hand experience on those troubles @ nak cari pasal, and i must say, we've been quite successful. No no, we didn't go out to be a part of that wild and kinky night. Saya masih suci dan terpelihara dari gejala² moral sebegitu. Sekian, terima kasih.

5. Back to the story, after walking along the Rundle Mall, we arrived at the most famous spot for night activities in Adelaide, Hindley Street or better known among us as "Sarang Maksiat"

The Entrance

One of the famous landmark here

6. We were approached by some drunk guys few times throughout the night. Funny, scary and all sorts of behavior, oh, and smelly too. The smell of booze were so strong it made me holding my breath everytime i walk next to them or next to clubs. These are what we encountered that night, in chronological order :

  i. Two dudes came at us and "Hey mate, what are you doing? I bet you must be looking for vulnerable chicks to f**k huh!" Then he looked at Din "I know you did. From your smile i know you did. You dirty b*sta*d! Hahaha" Hotak kau lol. They even tried to hook us up with two girls that walking toward us, only to be distracted by another drunk group. We took the chance to escape.hahah. They are pretty friendly so all good!     

  ii. A chubby girl came at me and ask politely, whether i have some extra coins for taxi. I know this is just a normal trick, but seeing her friend is kinda hot (ngahaha), i gave her 50 cents. Jadila tu kan. Dah cukup gentleman dah tu

  iii. An aborigin asked us where we're from. He even asked me "Are you a Japanese?" Aku rase nak gelak kaw² je time tu. See, i'm not that black!! hahah. Then we told him we are Malaysian. "Is that a Muslim country?" I've got a hunch not to answer this question since he might turned out to be a Muslim hater, at least his face expression while asking that question tells me so. Then we left him just like that [i'm thinking of answering 'yes' to that question the next time someone else ask me..just to see what's going to happen]       

  iv. A super skinny guy, talking about how he had just finished having sex with  a girl on an alley somewhere around Central Market. He showed us the love bites on his hand, some scratches on his back and even bragged how he enjoyed the rough ride. Ish3, rosak akhlak kau ni. The last thing he said was, "I've gotta piss, oh wait, there is a hot chick there. I'm gonna go and hit on her" and there he goes

  v. This is by far the most interesting encounter. On the way back to my car, along North Terrace, a black guy stopped me. He's much much taller than me, and pretty well-build too. He asked me whether i have a cigarette or not. I didn't quite catch that the first time he asked. So while i was trying to understand what he said, Din blurted out this old trick, "Me no English, me no english" .I held my laugh, since Mr Black suddenly turned sour and murmuring something in his language. The last thing i heard was "F**k you!" and bang!, he smashed the bus stop right next him. We were like, oh sh*t! Kalau kene batang hidung ni, mau berdarah! Sedikit cuak di situ. Trying our best to ignore him, we left without looking back, straight to my car.

7. Enough with the encounters, we also took the chance to do some night photographing. Here are some of the pictures :

Coles Victoria Square

 Kene marah dengan Pak Guard Tambi lepas amek gambar ni

 Next to Adelaide Tower, King William St.

 Bus stop no berape entah

Bonython Hall 

8. All in all, that was certainly a fun and entertaining night. Enjoying the city's view during the night, seeing people behaviour and some cam-whoring lol. Perhaps i should do this more often, but at different location. Ideas please?


Sayonara Solitia Apamia


1. Hari ini, Adelaide menyaksikan pemergian seorang lagi ikon beliau yang tercinta, Mr Amir Putra Mohd Said aka Apam. Tak tak, beliau masih hidup, cuma dah habis belajar je. Selepas 4 tahun bermastautin di bumi kangaroo ni, beliau akhirnya pulang ke tanah air tercinta, China Malaysia petang tadi. Seorang yang comel dan periang, beliau juga mendapat gelaran sebagai Panda Adelaide [jangan tanya aku kenapa]. Walaupun tidak menyandang apa² jawatan dalam GheySA™, kelab paling tersohor di Adelaide ini, beliau tetap popular di kalangan ahli² [lebih kurang macam maskot la]

Saat² akhir beliau di Adelaide :

Extra :

Profile picture Facebook yang dah bertahun tak tukar

Gambar famous yg terpampang di website GheySA™

Bagi peminat setia beliau, perkembangan semasa Apam boleh di lihat di sini.

Selamat jalan Apam. Semoga sentiasa cemerlang di dunia mahupun akhirat. Kami di Adelaide pastinya akan merasakan ketiadaan dikau lepas ni


Posto Posto! Entering The World of Adult


1. Hari Isnin lepas, aku dapat call dari Manager PMP Distribution. Yang call aku tu makcik tua dan sampai hari ni aku tak ingat lagi nama dia ape. Dia tanya aku, berminat lagi ke tak nak jadi catalog deliverer. Lepas lebih sebulan aku apply, baru sekarang nak reply? Mula-mula aku blank kejap, sape plak ni. Pastu baru aku ingat dulu aku ada apply kerja ni. Aku pun kate ok lah, sebab sekarang ni pun memang dok makan tido je kt rumah ni [tapi badan maintain camni gak]

Dia kata boleh start terus hari tu, so aku dengan Kaisan pun pergi la supply centre die dekat² area Grand Junction Road untuk pick up catalog (Kaisan pun dapat gak kerja ni)

View Larger Map

Aku kena hantar catalog ke about 400 houses, Kaisan plak 800. Disebabkan aku kesian tgk dia nak kene buat sorang² 800 rumah tu, kitorang pun decide la untuk divide dua. Aku buat 600, dia buat 600. Ye la, nak angkat, asing, gulung dengan hantar lagi. Tak ke kesian tu? [well, sebenarnya jeles nanti die dapat duit lebih.ngaha]

Nak upload gambar kitorang susun² catalog tu, tapi takde card reader plak. Next time la kot. Spend the rest of Monday susun and gulung², Tuesday and Wednesday start deliver, jalan kaki rumah ke rumah. Kerja ni sangat time-consuming and the pay is..ok lah. No complaint. But you get to work on your own time and at the same time serve as a good exercise, memandangkan dah takde orang nak main bola kat Adelaide skarang ni. So all good!

Actually, this is my first steady part-time job. Dulu buat cherry picking, tapi tak lama due to few circumstances. So, excited la sikit². Tapi "Entering the world of adult" eh? jadi posmen katalog je pun. hahaha

2. Sedikit ngomelan pasal EPL last weekend. Man United back to winning ways, and hopefully they'll start getting the streak on. And it's good to see Mame Diouf scored in his home debut. Let's see if he can emulate his senior from Molde success, the O-legend Solksjaer. But seeing Chelsea thrashing Sunderland 7-2 is just..siot jugak.adoi


3. Maybe a bit old, tapi lawak gilos


Free Shirt Free TV FREE FREE FREE!


1. Few days ago, i found out about The Coca Cola Bottle Blast event, accidentally while browsing the web. So, i told the few faces left in Adelaide during this summer like KaisanDinMunir and Asi about this [maybe i should give them a name, The Fellowship of The Summer perhaps ? ]
We went there this afternoon, except Munir because he joined Nazee and Bukh for a camping/fishing trip to Moonta. But from what i heard, they are already at home now due to weather problem, and 1 squid is all they've got [tulah, gatal sangat buat plan spontan. aku ajak pegi gleneld xnk.ngahaha]
Back to the Coke Fest, they had this huge castle-like balloon where you can play three different kind of games, Spring ‘n Bump, Trapeze Air and Jump ‘n Dunk for free. Too bad i didn't get the chance to try them because by the time we arrived there, the wind is pretty strong so they had to temporarily close it due to safety reason [after queuing for about half an hour, not too lucky eh]. 

Istana Takeshi?

setia beratur..tp x dapat main gak =(

They also serve free coke for the day, and there is also a booth for lucky draw. To enter, you simply have to bring the empty cans to the booth, get your hands marked, and there you go! See if you are lucky enough, and yes, me and Din are the lucky ones! Both of us got a t-shirt and that leaves Kaisan and Asi sulking in jealousy.

More pictures can be seen here

2. I managed to get myself a free working tv two days ago. Picked it up at a house next to Din's and the only problem with that tv is it's power cable was snapped.

So, i did some amateur winding job on the wire, used sellotape to replace the protector rubber and voila! Free tv in the house! Next, i bought a SD set top box on Ebay for AUD38 (murah ke mahal?) since Australia Govenrment will start the implementation of digital only broadcast somewhere in between 2010-2013.

3. Also, this kid kicks ass!




1. Reading others' blogs and blog-hopping are few things i always do in my free time, but blogging was never one of them. Back in 2009, i had a journal for everyday stuff i did, but blogging is a different matter and i intended for this blog to be "me". Things i like, things i've done, my thoughts on issues and some witty stuff will be the content of this blog. Well, the main reason why i feel like blogging is the abundance of free time during this summer break [don't ask me why i'm not doing any part-time job].
Enough with the rant. Let's get serious!

2. It's already the middle of January now, and it's almost two months after my final exam ended [putting supp aside] which means there's only one and a half months of holiday remaining. During these past two months, i really did a lot of travelling. Had fun hunting cockles at Goolwa Beach two days ago, a refreshing trip to the magnificent-as-always Great Ocean Road (went to Naracoorte and Blue Lake, Mt. Gambier along the way), a camping trip to The Coorong National Park, crab raking at Port Parham, a little get away in Wallaroo and few more places. Filled with nothing but joy! oh, and a bunch of crabs and cockles too!

3. Enrollment session for Mechanical Engineering student was commenced on 8th January, and here are what my timetables look like. Not too pretty i'd say. But you can't expect much, being an engineering student, the chance to have 3,4 school days only per week is almost non-existent, unlike certain courses *cough architectureaccounting cough*

Semester 1 2010

Semester 2 2010

4. Just a token of gratitude, these past few days can be summed up to one word : Blissful!. Thanks to my bestfriend